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Benefit From The Value Of Our Trial Experience

At Faugno & Associates, L.L.C., we are a team of accomplished litigators representing clients in Hackensack and elsewhere throughout northern New Jersey. But what does that mean to you? When you hire a lawyer to handle your case — whether you were injured in a car accident, arrested on criminal charges or face other legal issues — you want to work with someone who knows the law and the local courts and, ultimately, someone who can take your case as far as it needs to go.

Although a vast majority of cases are resolved without ever going to trial, it’s important to know that your attorney has the experience, resources and proven ability to confidently take your case from the negotiation table into the courtroom.

What Sets Us Apart? Our Experience In The Courtroom.

Maybe you have seen the commercials for personal injury attorneys on TV. Or perhaps you have heard radio spots advertising for criminal defense lawyers who promise to fight for you and your rights. We know that you have options when hiring a lawyer, but we believe that our experience and the results we’ve achieved over the years set us apart.

Below are a few things to consider when reviewing our practice:

  • We don’t just help you settle: Some lawyers help their clients accept the first settlement or plea agreement that comes their way. At our firm, we look at all possible options, negotiate for the best possible deal and, if the case warrants it, fight for your interests at trial.
  • We know what to do because we have been there before: It’s been said before, but there truly is no substitute for experience. Our attorneys have more than three decades of legal experience. They know how to handle even the most complex cases because, time and again, they have achieved positive outcomes on behalf of their clients.
  • We build your case from the ground up: Success at trial is contingent upon reviewing every aspect of the case. To do this, we carefully build a case from the moment we take it until we’ve reached a final resolution. Even if you are coming to us from another firm, we will start at the beginning to ensure that nothing is overlooked.
  • A proven track record of success: It’s one thing to talk about success; it’s another to back it up with results. When you speak with our attorneys, you’ll have a chance to review their credentials, ask questions and learn about their past successes. If you want to take a cursory glance, review our page highlighting past verdicts, settlements and other noteworthy cases.

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