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Were You Injured By A Dangerous Product?

Under the law of product liability, manufacturers can be held legally accountable for injuries caused by unsafe products they made and sold.

But these are complex and technical cases. You need an experienced attorney to take on major corporations and their insurers. The personal injury lawyers of Faugno & Associates, L.L.C., have the trial experience and resources to take on product liability lawsuits. We will pursue your rightful compensation.

If you were harmed by a dangerous or defective product, call our Hackensack law firm at 201-957-7087 for a free consultation and case evaluation.

You May Have A Product Liability Claim

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission concluded that defective or unsafe products cause some 29 million injuries and 21,000 deaths each year. Within the United States, an estimated $700 billion is spent annually on injuries, deaths and property damage caused by consumer product incidents. You or your child may be injured by something seemingly harmless or something you use every day, such as a hair dryer, toaster, coffee maker, iron, baby chair, air conditioner, car or even your clothing.

Product liability law gives consumers the right to sue for damages from manufacturers, distributors and retailers for injuries resulting from accidents caused by products. Virtually all products are subject to product liability law, including:

  • Food and beverages
  • Prescription and over-the-counter drugs
  • Toys and baby products
  • Appliances and power tools
  • Automobiles and components
  • Medical implants and other medical devices

Experienced Trial Lawyers Fighting For You

Product liability claims are tort-based claims, meaning that we have to prove negligence or wrongdoing. Examples include design defects, manufacturing flaws, toxic materials, failure to warn of dangers or breach of warranty. We work with engineers and other experts to establish that the product was unsafe and directly caused our client’s injuries, and to identify all parties in the distribution chain who share liability.

We represent people in Hackensack and throughout New Jersey who have been injured, had their property damaged or lost loved ones due to defective or unsafe products. With more than three decades of experience handling personal injury claims, we are well-equipped to take on even the most complex cases.

Find Out If You Have An Actionable Case

We invite you to arrange a free consultation. We can explain the law in clear, straightforward language and determine if you have grounds for a product liability lawsuit. If we take your case, there are no attorneys fees unless we secure compensation for you. Call our Hackensack office at 201-957-7087 or reach us via email.