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A Local Practice Helping Victims Of Pedestrian Accidents Pursue Just Compensation

In Hackensack and other metropolitan areas throughout northern New Jersey, pedestrians are frequently injured in accidents with cars and other motor vehicles. These types of accidents often inflict serious, sometimes debilitating or life-threatening injuries on pedestrians while motorists usually come away unscathed.

Injured As A Pedestrian? It’s Time To Obtain A Lawyer.

At Faugno & Associates, L.L.C., we aggressively represent the rights and interests of victims involved in pedestrian-related accidents. Our attorneys have more than three decades of experience helping injured people and their families pursue full and just compensation for their injuries while holding negligent parties accountable.

Pedestrian accidents require attorneys to investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident as well as the long-term effects of victims’ injuries. We will investigate where the accident occurred, looking for contributing factors; review evidence that may determine whether the driver failed to exercise proper caution; and work with medical professionals to determine the full extent of your injuries.

Once we have a comprehensive understanding of the accident and your injuries, we can determine if it’s in your best interests to agree to a settlement or take your case to trial. No matter the complexity of your case or the extent of your injuries, we will see that you are treated fairly. We will keep you up to date regarding the progress of your case and ensure that you determine what steps we take to reach a resolution.

Our Experience Can Be Your Greatest Asset When Pursuing Compensation

If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian-related accident in Hackensack, reach out to us and speak with our attorneys about the details of your case. Call 201-957-7087 or complete our online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation.