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Why would someone falsely accuse you of sexual assault

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Sexual assault is one of the most sensitive charges in New Jersey and the country. The state defines this charge as any sexual act perpetrated against someone’s will, including nonconsensual sex acts (rape), attempted nonconsensual sex acts and unwanted touching.

Someone may falsely accuse you of these acts. Here are four reasons they may do so:

1. Gain

Gain is one of the primary motives for false sexual assault allegations. This can be emotional or material gain. For instance, these allegations have been reported in many divorce cases. The alleged victims may want the upper hand in property division, child custody/support and alimony. Or, someone may accuse a coworker of sexual violence if they want a promotion or any other opportunity but believe their chances are less with the coworker as a rival.

2. Revenge

Someone may falsely accuse you of sexual assault out of revenge. For instance, if you have consensual sex once with someone who wanted a relationship, they may file a sexual assault charge against you because they later feel disregarded or “dumped.”

3. Alibi

Another reason for false rape allegations is to produce an alibi. This is mostly reported in young individuals. A teen may claim they were sexually assaulted to cover up skipping school. Or, someone may allege they were assaulted to cover up an affair. 

4. Attention

Unfortunately, someone can falsely accuse you of sexual assault to gain attention or sympathy. A stranger or a loved one may be the accuser. This motive may be associated with a disturbed mental state.

False allegations of sexual violence can be devastating, and the possibility of a conviction can be frightening. Thus, if you are facing any sexual charge, you should get legal guidance to defend yourself.