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How long do people have to file a lawsuit after a car wreck?

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are many rules that people need to follow if they want to pursue a personal injury lawsuit after a New Jersey car crash. Only those who understand and comply with state law have a chance at recovering the costs generated by a collision which exceed the insurance coverage available.

Typically, there will need to be documented expenses generated by the collision that insurance did not cover. There will also usually need to be evidence of negligence or misconduct on the part of the party or parties responsible for the crash. Individuals will also need to abide by state statutes regarding when they must file a lawsuit. New Jersey has specific statutes limiting civil litigation and the initiation of other legal matters that very depending on the circumstances.

Those harmed by a crash must act quickly

New Jersey has a relatively small window of opportunity in which those impacted by a crash can take legal action against the party responsible for the wreck. In most cases involving physical injuries, have only two years from the date of the collision to initiate a lawsuit.

Although 24 months may seem like plenty of time to prepare for a lawsuit, the truth is that the other practical matters that families will have to handle after a wreck can prove so challenging that those months may fly by much more quickly than people anticipate. In some cases, those who would otherwise have a very strong claim in civil court end up unable to pursue appropriate amounts of compensation specifically because they waited too long to talk to a lawyer and initiate the litigation process.

With rare exceptions for special scenarios, such as when new evidence becomes available after it crash, those who did not receive sufficient compensation from insurance will need to potentially take legal action while still in the recovery process or supporting a loved one who has yet to fully heal from their injuries.

Ultimately, seeking legal guidance and learning more about New Jersey laws will make it easier for people to seek financial justice after a major car crash.