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Coping with PTSD after a car accident

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Over three million vehicles are registered each year and of those vehicles, millions of auto accidents are reported. Thousands of these accidents lead to serious injuries and over a million of them are fatal. While auto accidents appear to be a common occurrence, it’s often anything but normal for victims. 

People often develop physical medical conditions after suffering from auto accidents. Auto accidents can lead to head and spine trauma such as hemorrhages, skull fractures, paralysis and limb loss. 

There’s also the possibility of developing mental conditions after auto accidents. One such mental condition that anyone can develop after a major car accident is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Here’s what you should know about PTSD:

Developing a debilitating fear of vehicles

PTSD is a mental disorder developed after witnessing a terrifying event. People who have been through war or survived a terrorist attack or an abusive upbringing or relationship are often diagnosed with PTSD. A car accident can also be especially traumatizing if victims suffer severe injuries or witness the loss of someone. 

People diagnosed with PTSD often have a hard time functioning normally. Victims may struggle to adapt socially and develop internal conflicts with their mental health. PTSD often causes people to develop depression.

The addition of depression can cause people’s lives to spiral. They may start to neglect their physical and mental needs and health. They may start to avoid people and especially avoid the situation that originally led to the development of their PTSD. For example, someone who survived a car accident may struggle to drive or enter a vehicle again. 

Recovering from PTSD

Someone looking to recover from their PTSD often won’t find a simple solution. Victims may have to seek various kinds of mental treatments including therapy. Therapy can be costly. Victims of auto accidents may have to learn their legal rights so they receive the compensation and treatment they deserve.