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What is paralysis? 

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2023 | Personal Injury

There are many kinds of disabilities people suffer from after surviving catastrophic accidents. One such is paralysis, a debilitating medical condition in which a victim may suffer from a loss of muscle function. 

Paralysis occurs when the muscles fail to receive signals from the brain. As a result, someone suffering from paralysis may not be able to sense any feeling in or move their limbs. Paralysis can affect the entire body, however, it may also only affect one or two limbs. Likewise, paralysis can be temporary or life-long. 

This medical condition can be greatly unsettling for people who’ve lived their entire lives with complete control over their mobility. The following explains how paralysis can affect the body:

What are the types of paralysis?

As stated above, paralysis can affect the entire body. This form of paralysis may make someone unable to move their legs, arms, fingers and neck and is known as quadriplegia. This can leave someone bedridden and in need of constant medical attention and care. In this state, the victim’s body and muscles may slowly degrade.

Some forms of paralysis can leave only a limb or two without feeling and movement. Some forms of paralysis can affect the lower torso, leaving a victim wheelchair-bound, or affect a single finger. It all largely depends on where the nerve injury occurs and how severe the damage may be.

What causes paralysis?

Oftentimes, the direct cause of paralysis is spinal damage or head trauma. Spinal damage can make the signals from the brain weaker, while traumatic brain damage can close off signals altogether.

Some forms of paralysis last for a person’s entire life, while others may be able to seek surgery or physical therapy. No matter the kind of paralysis someone is victim to, the price for treatment or medical care can be costly, however. People who suffer from catastrophic injuries often have to seek legal help to assist in seeking compensation for their medical bills.