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How a recovery program can help you if you have a drug charge

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Committing a serious drug crime in New Jersey comes with dire consequences. For instance, if you possess any illicit drugs like cocaine or heroin, you’ll owe up to $35,000 and go to prison for three to years. (This penalty also applies if you have unauthorized prescription drugs.)

However, you can ameliorate your situation by participating in a drug recovery program. The New Jersey Courts offers a recovery court program for people struggling with drug/alcohol addictions. It collaborates with law enforcement and other professionals to guide individuals with non-violent criminal charges through the recovery process.

3 benefits you can gain from participating in a drug recovery program

By partaking in a recovery court program, you can receive the following benefits:

  1. An easier time in court: Complying with recovery program requirements shows a judge that you’re serious about overcoming drug addiction. As a matter of fact, many participants get deferred or reduced jail sentences, and you may receive a lighter sentence, too.
  1. Possible job opportunities: Many jobs forbid offenders from applying. But some employers are willing to give those with criminal records a second chance. After you complete your recovery program (and bring this up during a job interview), a prospective employer might grant you a fresh start by hiring you.
  1. A healthier body: Addiction recovery doesn’t only aid you in judicial and occupational matters. It can also improve your health. Common ailments from drug addiction include headaches, nausea and breathing issues. If you’ve been suffering from these symptoms, giving up drugs can help you feel better and keep more serious illnesses at bay.

No one should experience drug addiction. But if you or a loved one has a drug charge, seeking legal guidance can be the first step to recovery.