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Are you considering a plea deal for your criminal case?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2022 | Criminal Defense

People who are facing a criminal charge often wonder how their cases will end. Some people choose to go through a jury trial, while others opt to try a come up with a plea deal. Many don’t realize that around 90% of cases are resolved through a plea deal. 

There are many reasons why plea deals are important in the criminal justice system. Understanding some of these might help you to determine how to proceed with your case. 

Why are plea deals important in the criminal justice system?

Plea deals help the court system by preventing the docket from becoming even more overloaded than it already is. Instead of having to go through a lengthy trial, the case is resolved through a deal that’s mutually agreeable between the prosecution and the defendant. 

For the defendant, knowing how the case is resolved is a benefit. They don’t have to worry about preparing for a jury trial. It also gives them some control over what’s going to happen to them. 

Defendants must ensure that they only entertain a plea deal if they actually did the crime. Nobody should ever enter into a plea deal if they didn’t do the crime because once it’s accepted, you usually cannot appeal the sentence or the conviction. 

It’s best to learn about all the options you have for your criminal defense. This helps to ensure you make decisions that you feel are in your best interests. Some of these options are time-sensitive so consider the choices you have quickly in the case. Working with someone who’s familiar with the criminal court system behooves you so you don’t miss out on an opportunity that you might have wanted to pursue.