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Rock-throwing deaths: Watching out for hazards on the highways

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2021 | Personal Injury

If you ever drive on the highway, you should be aware that there are real risks caused by debris. Whether a rock is kicked up from another vehicle driving over it or someone drops an object from above, you could be badly hurt if that object impacts your vehicle and causes a rash.

Rock-throwing accidents are some of the worst that can occur. Those responsible can be held liable and may face serious fines as well as imprisonment.

The basics of rock-throwing collisions

What is this kind of crash? A rock-throwing collision is a collision that results from someone throwing a rock or other object from overhead or the side of the road into the path of a moving vehicle. When done at slower speeds, this may not cause problems. For example, a rock hitting your windshield at 25 mph isn’t likely to shatter the windshield.

However, at higher speeds, hitting a falling or thrown object could shatter your windshield or sunroof window. The people inside the vehicle could be badly hurt by the debris.

Rock-throwing cases have gone on for decades

Looking back at news articles, there are rock-throwing cases as far back as the 80s. There were probably some even before then.

The issue is the same now as before: When a falling or thrown object hits another object at a rapid speed, the carnage can be significant. The victims may have disabling or disfiguring injuries. They may wreck their vehicles and have significant medical expenses.

Who is liable in a rock-throwing incident?

In a rock-throwing incident, there could be different parties responsible for the collision. If someone threw a rock from overhead, like in a case that occurred in Seattle and made national news, then they could be held liable. If the rock was thrown from a construction site accidentally, then the construction company might be liable for failing to prevent debris from entering the roadway.

In this kind of crash, it’s necessary to look carefully at who caused the rock to enter the roadway and if it was intentional or accidental. Then, the victims can determine whom they should hold liable for causing their injuries.