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Psychological trauma from burn injuries can be lifelong and severe

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2021 | Personal Injury, Uncategorized

The psychological trauma of burn survivors can top the list of severity, exceeding even amputations in the catastrophic injury category. It is difficult for someone who has never experienced the physical, mental and emotional trauma of a severe burn to even contemplate the spectrum of pain these survivors experience.

But when another person or company was responsible for the burn injuries that devasted your life, it is important to hold them liable for all your past, present and future suffering and losses.

Your psychological distress can affect your recovery and future

In addition to all the physical treatment and rehabilitation you receive for your burn injuries, you can simultaneously seek the counsel of experienced psychologists who devote their practices to helping burn survivors come to terms with their realities. In many cases, this therapeutic approach can last a lifetime and be quite expensive, so these costs must be factored into your personal injury claim.

Burn injuries may never fully heal

Someone who suffers severe burns to the upper body and extremities may have to endure dozens of surgeries over decades to get the maximum improvement post-accident. Each surgery can re-ignite vestiges of the original burn trauma and cause survivors further distress. Any settlement or judgment you are awarded should reflect the costs of ongoing mental health treatment as well as cover the expenses for future surgeries and rehabilitative services.

Utilize your treatment network for resources

By working closely with both your medical and legal teams, you can progress to the point where you are living the best life you can despite your earlier burn trauma. That is one goal that is definitely worth pursuing.