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What if I’m seriously injured in a crash with a large truck?

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2021 | Truck Accidents

All drivers know that an accident can happen at any time, anywhere. What drivers may not think about is how dangerous becoming involved in an accident with a semi-truck can be and how accidents between passenger cars and large trucks are on the rise in recent years.

In 2019, according to the National Safety Council, more than 5,000 large trucks were involved in fatal accidents, a 2% increase from 2018 and a 43% rise from 2010. Also, in 2019, 5% more of large trucks were involved in accidents in which injuries occurred. Some of the reasons for an increase in truck accidents are that more drivers (both of large trucks and passenger vehicles) are driving while distracted or drowsy.

Why truck accidents are so dangerous

Unfortunately, drivers and passengers in smaller vehicles are more likely to die or suffer serious injuries in a large truck crash. The reason for this is that semis greatly outweigh passenger vehicles – sometimes, by more than 75,000 pounds. So, if your passenger vehicle is hit by a large semi, the semi’s weight carries more force in the crash. As a result, you might suffer devastating injuries. Perhaps, you break your leg and pelvis and suffer a serious traumatic brain injury too. You may even suffer a permanent disability because of your accident injuries.

What to do when injured in a crash with a large truck

If you suffer serious injuries in a crash with a large truck, you need to consult a personal injury attorney. You want to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your injury costs and time you miss from work while recovering. If you now have a disability because of your crash injury, you likely will have long-term costs related to that injury and your disability may impact your ability to work.

Working closely with an attorney also will help you evaluate any personal injury settlement an insurance company offers. You don’t want to accept a settlement that doesn’t compensate you for your injuries properly.

You shouldn’t have to suffer because of someone else’s negligence. With help, you can get the compensation you need to focus on your recovery and moving forward with your life after an accident with a large truck.