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A spinal injury can have massive financial consequences for victims and their families

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

There is a reason why insurers try to settle early after car crashes. Doing so could save them a vast amount of money. They may approach you with what seems like a large settlement, but accepting their offer could leave you struggling if you have not realized the full extent of your injuries.

One injury that can cost much more than you think is a spinal injury.

Spinal injuries can cause paralysis

Around half of all spinal injuries result from vehicle crashes. Since the injuries are internal, the evidence of the damage is not always obvious right after a wreck. Movement could trap the nerves that run through your spinal column and damage them, causing paralysis.

The extent of paralysis can vary. Paralysis can occur in one limb, or on one side of your body. It could affect you from the waist down, the waist up, or both. The cost to your life will depend on the extent of paralysis you suffer.

What costs could paralysis have?

Paralysis is not curable. That’s why it’s so important to consider the total lifetime costs of your injuries before you settle. Some of the things that should be calculated into a settlement include:

  • Loss of earnings: You may be unable to continue with your previous job, or you might not be able to work ever again.
  • Loss of mobility: If the paralysis is only in one arm, you may be able to have your car altered to allow you to drive. More severe injury may mean you rely on others to get you around and help you each day. Even getting to the bathroom may require help.
  • Increased risk of infection: If you spend your days sitting in a wheelchair, your health may deteriorate. Sores from sitting could lead to infection.
  • Medical and therapy costs: You will need rehabilitation therapy. You may face a lifetime of pain and need drugs to treat it.

All these costs can soon mount up. There may also be a cost to your emotional health, which could, in turn, damage your relationships. There is a lot to consider. Make sure you seek experienced help to gain maximum compensation for your injuries and don’t let a quick offer from an insurance company sway you into a settlement that you’ll later regret.